Narrative Essay Topics: 20 Ideas You Should Consider

It’s difficult to tell a story and keep the listeners interested until the end. To do the same thing in a narrative essay is almost impossible, especially if you don’t have a good topic. You have to know how to present the story in a very engaging way, and to use just the right amount of details. If you don’t know what to write about in your narrative essay, take a look at these 20 ideas:

  1. Your first day of school. Do you still remember it?

  2. The day when your sibling was born. For sure you have good memories from when you saw your brother for the first time, so you might as well share them with your colleagues.

  3. The first trip with the airplane. Were you scared? Were you excited?

  4. The best vacation you ever had. It’s even more interesting if you had this vacation outside of the country.

  5. If you would be an animal, what would you choose and why?

  6. Talk about the time when you got lost in another neighborhood.

  7. Your idol and inspiration in life. Why do you admire this person so much?

  8. The day you met your best friend. What made you so close to this person?

  9. What would you do if you would be a president for a week? What is the first thing that you would change?

  10. If you would have an incredible amount of money, how would you spend it?

  11. What is your earliest memory? Maybe you remember something that happened when you were only a few years old.

  12. Talk about your biggest success. You can talk about the time you won a competition or you learned a new language.

  13. What is your favorite city in the world and why?

  14. Discuss about the time when you got a valuable life lesson. Did you learn from your mistakes?

  15. What is, from your point of view, the best thing about your family and why?

  16. Imagine you could be anything; what career would you choose?

  17. Imagine that you can have a superpower and tell your colleagues how would you use it and why.

  18. The first time you met someone from another country. Were you fascinated?

  19. Talk about your favorite book and why you love it so much.

  20. The first time you saw a movie in the cinema.

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