How To Write An Expository Essay Intro: Tips And Examples

Writing the introduction for your essay is one of the most important things that you need to learn. The introduction is an important segment in your paper, considering that it gives the reader a brief overview of what your paper is all about. Some of the teachers normally go through the introduction before they determine whether or not they can read your paper with some enthusiasm or if they need to shove it in the average pile.

As you are preparing to write the essay therefore you must realize how important it is for you to focus on writing a really good introduction, and most importantly make sure that you perfect it by all means necessary. Together with the topic, the introduction is enough to warrant you so much marks than you have ever imagined. This is why you should always consider putting in as much effort as possible into this brief chapter.

The following are some tips that will help you cover serious ground in as far as writing the introduction is concerned:

  1. Cover the entire paper
  2. Be brief but concise
  3. Have a thesis statement
  • Cover the entire paper
  • Whenever someone is reading through your paper, the one thing that they need to be sure of is the fact that as long as they can read through your introduction, they will not need to read through the rest of the paper. What this means is that once they have read through your introduction they are supposed to be in a good position to see through your work and know for sure what you are going to cover. Therefore there should not be any inconsistencies in the paper once they have gone through the introduction.

  • Be brief but concise
  • This chapter does not need to be so long. However, in as much as that is the case, it also does not need to be too short. It should be long enough to provide a brief overview into your paper, but short enough not to look as though you are trying to cover so many pages with irrelevant work.

  • Have a thesis statement
  • Many students tend to forget how important it is to have this particular chapter in their work. The thesis statement must never miss from your introduction. It guides the reader because it gives them a brilliant idea of what you are thinking of the subject at hand.

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