Writing A Proper JFK Speech Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The rhetorical analysis essay assignment requires students to take text from a written or spoken piece and provide a critical evaluation of the subject’s parts and overall quality. Students often get these kinds of assignments in speech courses and focus on evaluating famous pieces throughout history. One of the more popular areas of study focuses on analyzing the work of JFK and his many speeches. Here are some things you need to know about writing a proper JFK speech rhetorical analysis essay:

Understand each of the appeals to examine

One of the biggest differences in this kind of writing assignment from others is using one of three appeals including, ethos, logos, or pathos. It’s possible to examine all three, but it is much easier to choose one and write a thorough analysis of it for the reader.

Take note of style details specific to the speech

This is another difference required in writing this kind of essay. Style details include various elements including, imagery, diction, tone and syntax. A student must critically analyze each point and discuss each in terms of the chosen appeal as listed above. Give each one equal weight to produce a more well-rounded work.

Develop your critical rhetorical analysis argument

Look at all of the information you have gathered in your evaluation of the subject text. Consider which appeals and style details the author used the most effectively to achieve the intended purpose of the speech. Convey your opinion of why JFK used these elements and decide if the effect would have been different had he taken a different approach.

Start writing the first draft of your assignment

Take all of your notes and create an outline to organize your argument and supporting evidence. Start writing your first draft, constantly using your outline as a guide. Try to write this draft as quickly and efficiently as possible: this is a technique employed by many professional writers to get the entire scope of their ideas written down accurately.

Take a look at your argument and revise content

Set your paper aside for a few days before coming back to start a thorough revision. Be sure you are critical about your work in order to achieve the precise and logical argument you envision. Don’t forget to proofread and edit your work before submitting a final. This could be all the difference between a mediocre grade and a great one.

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