Step-By-Step Instructions On Writing An Argumentative Five-Paragraph Essay

Students will often be required to write a range of different academic papers. One of the most common requirements they may have, particularly when studying at a younger age, is to write an argumentative five paragraph essay. Essentially, this will require students to create a paper that is written in a persuasive style, and should be comprised of five individual paragraphs.

In order to give you a better understanding of how to complete the work, the following include step-by-step instructions on writing an argumentative five paragraph essay.


The first of these step-by-step instructions is the need to carry out some planning prior to writing the work. As part of your planning you should create a realistic timeframe that will give you an idea of when you can do the work. You should also identify any research methods and materials that you will use in order to gather any relevant information that you can use to base your argument on.

The structure of the work

Before you can start writing the work you will first need to understand how to structure this particular essay. Ultimately, as the name suggests, you need to include five paragraphs. The first of these paragraphs will be the introduction. The second, third and fourth paragraphs will be the body section. And the final paragraph will be used for the conclusion.

The introduction

As mentioned, the opening paragraph will be used your introduction. It is in the introduction that you will first mention the topic that you will discuss. As well as providing a brief explanation about the topic, you should also provide the reader with an understanding of what point of view you will be taking. For example, you may wish to identify whether you are arguing for or against a particular issue.

The body section

In an argumentative paper, the body section of your essay will include three paragraphs based on three different arguments. Ultimately, you will need to think of a different point for each paragraph, with each different point trying to persuade the reader in a different way about the stance that you have taken.

The conclusion

The last paragraph that you will need to write is the conclusion. You should use this paragraph to refer back to any arguments already made, without creating any new arguments. You will then be able to justify why you have taken a particular point of view.

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