Things You Should Know About Writing a Topic Sentence in an Essay

The structure of your essay is everything. If you organize your thoughts in the right way, you can sit back and relax – since a high grade is guaranteed. Many students often fail to consider the importance of rules that academics requires from them. Remember that having a significant content is good, but knowing how to manage it is even better.

What Is a Topic Sentence?

As a rule, a topic sentence is the most essential part of the whole paragraph. Without it, readers can’t follow the writer’s thoughts, which makes it even more confusing. In other words, it just tells you what the upcoming paragraph is all about. All the following sentences have to relate to what has been mentioned in the topic sentence. What is more, they have to prove it, by presenting various facts and elaborating on a chosen subject. Try to think of a topic sentence as a preview to your own movie. Thus, the main goal of any preview is to highlight the main points and briefly describe the general idea.

How to Write a Great Topic Sentence?

If it’s you first time writing an essay, you will definitely need some pieces of advice on how to deal with it. Apart from the tips that you are about to see, there is another place where you can trust your paper to professionals– just try this site.

  • Think about writing an outline.
  • Remember that every paragraph covers a specific idea. To write a successful topic sentence, you have to know what the upcoming part will be about.

  • Don’t forget about the introduction.
  • Try to feel the connection between your thesis and topic sentences. Basically, topic sentences are compressed versions of thesis sentences – they just describe paragraphs, rather than whole essays.

  • Do exercises.
  • Surf the Net and you will find a handful of tasks that help develop the skill of writing a topic sentence. Also, don’t hesitate to look at some examples – it’s a useful thing to do.

  • State your main idea.
  • Keep it simple and clear. Don’t try to be significant in the first sentence – it may make readers feel uncomfortable.

  • Make it interesting.
  • From the very beginning, you have to mention something appealing, something that would force readers to keep on exploring your paper.

  • Don’t list anything.
  • Forget about bullet points or any sort of numbering. This is meant to be a short introductory piece of writing – don’t spoil it with unnecessary stuff.

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