A List Of Interesting Essay Topics For High School Students

Students in high school have to approach topics with a critical bent of mind. When they set out to write a paper, it should not be linear but should facilitate a discussion and generate interest in the minds of the readers. This is easier said than done but the fact is that there are several great essay topics that are available to high schoolers. It is just a matter of choosing the right ones and working on them to get good grades.

List of Possible Topics

  • Conduct a study on how the rise of social media in the modern world has led to a greater sense of isolation among the younger generation. – For this topic, you might explain how social media websites are a necessary evil; they facilitate networking and allow you to remain connected with people but at the cost of outside, real-world experiences.

  • Guns in the Campus: Should Colleges Allow Students to Carry Arms? – News of massacres in schools and other educational institutions are permeating the media nowadays. This begs the question whether guns should be allowed on campus or not. While some claim that this will only breed more violence, others claim that packing arms helps them feel safer in public settings.

  • Should all members of the team receive trophies, irrespective of their contribution? – This essay should walk the fine line since you might come off as negative if you feel that only the deserving players should receive trophies while the others who have not exhibited their skills on the field should not. On the other hand, if you support this, you can argue that handing out trophies to everyone makes them feel like they are part of the team and boosts their confidence.

  • Technology Has Taken over Society – It is true that technology provides everyone with rich opportunities. However, some people think that we are not capable of functioning in real life anymore without carrying a smartphone with us everywhere we go.

  • Do you think school begins too early in the day? – You should offer your honest, person opinion but ensure that your language remains crisp and professional.

  • Necessity of Immunisation – Even though vaccinations are capable of preventing various sorts of issues in children, some people feel that mandatory vaccination flouts the personal rights of an individual.

  • Should juveniles be tried as adults or is that a breach of ethics? – While a lot of people believe that the punishment should fit the crime, others think it is not very ethical to charge juveniles with the same crimes as adults since the minds of children have not yet become developed.

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