A List Of Up-To-Date Topics For A Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays are among the most common among students. The question is finding a less explored topic but one which will interest a lot of people as well as not very difficult to research on. Here are some ideas:

  • Letters VS Emails – As the former almost ceases to exist, newer research work and studies are being conducted on traditional modes of communication and how they affected our lives. Including such work would make it interesting.

  • Communism VS Capitalism – One of the most pertinent questions of the day, this needs good research work before writing.

  • Counselling and Healing VS Punishment – If written with an insight and an aim to actually stir a debate, this topic can include discussions about many serious criminal incidents from our surroundings lead to an actual exchange.

  • Books VS EBooks – Similar to the email debate, this comparison could include a lot of socio-economic factors affecting people’s lives everywhere, which are bringing about the change.

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy – Often interlinked and overpowering each other, these two fields need to be discussed separately and then compared to see which is dependent on whom.

  • Online Classes VS Traditional Classes - Though each comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, what needs to be discussed is which one is more appropriate today and whether one is complete without the other.

  • Bullies VS Dictators – Is there at all a difference between the two? How does one become a dictator at all? Is there a connection between the two? Is there any similarity in the personality kind?

  • Employment VS Business – Is quitting your job for a dream business sounds magical but is it at all smooth or convenient on the other side? Many inspiring stories do the rounds about people who have quit their jobs for a start up of their own. How feasible is it in reality?

  • Late Nights VS Early Mornings – Though the trend is inclining towards the former, it does come at a price. Does working too early in the day adversely affect you? Is staying up till late really bad for all or does it depend on your body type?

  • Camping VS Staying in Hotels – Though this depends a lot on taste, there are many who are not able to decide. On one hand lie the charms of outdoor thrills and on the other the safety and security of a comfortable room.

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