How To Write An Essay Heading That Grabs Readers' Attention

Whether you are a copywriter, a blogger or just a student searching for an essay heading, it can be a bit difficult. You can imagine trying to summarize hundreds or even thousands of words in one single sentence. Here are a few tips that you can use to ensure that you have a top headline.

Be specific

The first thing that you should ask yourself is; what is the key point in my content? This is what your title or headline should reflect. Studies suggest that over 80% of readers will only read the headline and leave the rest of the work. This is why it is important to be as specific as possible as this will enable the reader to identify what the content is about and determine whether that content is applicable to them o not

Balance relevance and personality

There are two categories of writers: The catchy and the straightforward ones. If you choose to be too straightforward, you may come out as boring and it may be difficult to grab the attention of the reader. On the other hand, when you try to be too creative, you may end up losing the main points of the content and lose your readers. Instead, you should try to balance the 2 by ensuring that your headline has enough personality that will enable it to entice the reader.

Breathe life into tired words

It is ok to use words such as “great”, “awesome” or “interesting”. However, these do not impress any person. Therefore, you should give your headline that extra oomph by ensuring that you go through every word other than the prepositions and brainstorming an engaging and vivid way of saying the same thing.

Use active voice

It can be vague and awkward to use passive voice. You can make your writing tighter by using active voice. To ensure that your title is more succinct, get rid of any extraneous words.

Use attention-grabbing arsenal

People are drawn to something that is fascinating and meaningful. There are very many formulas and titles that are known to work. These include the intriguing questions and the how to lists. Consider whether it is necessary to use metaphors or whether you should compare your topic to something that people already know.

Remember that the topic is what will pull the readers to or away from your work. Use these tips to ensure that you have an awesome topic.

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