Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was there between the years 1600 and 1923. This period can be divided into two distinct eras or period. One is when the empire grew. During this time, it enjoyed economic, territorial and cultural growth. This period was before the year 1566. After growth, the empire later on went on to face significant challenges that lead to its dissolution. This period was marked with a lot of military and political stagnation. The empire had by now grown to a vast territory that was hard to manage. Many people were having different opinions on how to run the empire. Problems started setting in and many began predicting the downfall of the empire.

Growth of the Empire

This was marked by significant expansion. There are many factors that contributed to the growth. The main was the invention of new improved farming methods. There was the production of enough food for the people. The surplus was sold to other empires. There was also the rapid advancement of industries and technology. This led to many inventions and experiments. All these contributed to the fast growth of the empire. At this time, the empire was stable politically. It was strong and all its activities were centralized. This was a significant boost to its reign. Monarchies that tried to distant themselves from the empire did not succeed because their leaders could not convince many people to move.

The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

In the 18th century, the empire had grown into a big and strong force. They started to face significant problems due to this uncontrolled expansion. The people that were in power began to miss use the power. There were cases of nepotism and favouritism. This led to revolts in regions that felt they were not well represented. In due time, corruption was spreading throughout the empire. Those in office started asking and taking more taxes that was required. They would buy offices so as to benefit themselves and those close to them. Those who opposed such deeds started organising rebellion groups that would fight against the government. While all this was happening, Europe suffered inflation. This led to diminishing in trade which was the key driver of the empires economy. More revolts and wars were experienced after the 18th century. Goods from other markets flowed into the empire. The empire could no longer get enough revenue to run its activities. This led to its fall in the early years of the nineteen hundred.

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