27 Unique Descriptive Essay Topics You Can Write Your Paper On

You will have been no doubt writing descriptive essays since middle school. They are the bread and butter of school life and are a brilliant way of enhancing and developing your language and communication skills. Choosing an essay topic has been known to cost many a student a decent night’s sleep. Luckily, I am here to help! Here are my 27 unique descriptive essay topics that you can write your paper on.

  • Describe the recent New Horizons expedition to Pluto. What were its findings? What is the future of space travel?

  • Describe your most recent trip to the doctor/dentist/hospital

  • Meeting your step parent for the very first time. How did you feel? Did you fall in love with them? Did you hate them on first sight?

  • A ghostly encounter (either your own or an anecdotal one from someone else)

  • The mess under your bed

  • Your most recent vacation – including any “Firsts”

  • Your First kiss/date

  • Your sense of injustice at a particular incident. Your awakening interest in politics or the wider world around you.

  • Your awakening spirituality

  • Your fear of flying/spiders/rats/people with beards

  • The noise that your mom makes when she is screaming at you

  • Your most recent dream/Your scariest dream/Your happiest dream

  • The happiest day of your life/the saddest day of your life/the most boring day of your life

  • Your sister/brother’s most annoying habit

  • How it felt to be left home alone for the very first time. Were you happy? Sad? Scared? What did you do with your personal time? Did you crash out on the sofa and eat pizza all day? Did you throw a wild party?

  • A routine trip to the supermarket

  • Getting ready for your prom. The build-up. How you felt. Were you nervous? Excited? Joyful? Elated?

  • Any work experience that you have had

  • Waiting for results from the doctor/hospital

  • Coping with someone else’s illness/Caring for them

  • Why your enemy is your enemy and not your best friend

  • What is like to have no money to go out at the weekend

  • Your favorite meal

  • Your secret life as a movie star/reality tv star/rock star

  • The most peaceful place on earth

  • Getting your teeth pulled

  • Riding a ferry for the very first time.

Feel free to expand upon these topics or come up with some of your own to write your paper on!

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