A Collection of Good Persuasive Essay Topics for 8th Graders

The persuasive essay for an 8th grader aims at testing the ability of express a point in a convincing manner. Their topics are not intense and are about issues of common concern and which the 8th grader interacts with on daily basis. This calls for a careful choice of topic to ensure that it is within the scope of such a student. Here are some of the topics to consider:-

  1. What is the best or worst quality in human beings?

  2. Can you fall in love with a complete stranger?

  3. Imagine you were to be the president for a day, what would be the first thing you do in the morning?

  4. What do you think should be done to make education enjoyable?

  5. If the law was removed, what illegal thing would you attempt?

  6. Do you think human beings are in control of their thoughts?

  7. When is the right time to begin a relationship with the opposite sex?

  8. Should pupils be allowed to carry their play-stations and video games to school for use during breaks?

  9. Who is the most famous person in history that you would like to interact with today?

  10. Which is your favorite music and why?

  11. What event in your past would you love to revisit and why?

  12. Do you think people are too quick to judge a person yet they do not know his background?

  13. If you had a chance to own a property, which property would you like to own?

  14. What activity do you think people in your neighborhood should be participating in every month?

  15. What would you like your parents to allow you to do yet they do not allow it now?

Choosing a topic for your persuasive essay for an 8th grader is only the beginning of a long writing process. The writing process continues with several other activities.

  • Brainstorming- this is an opportunity to think through the topic and come up with the main points. These points must be supported by relevant ideas.

  • Create an outline- this is a plan that indicates the logical flow of ideas from the first to the last. It also shows the subtopics under each main discussion point.

  • Compile the paper- with all ideas already listed, it is time to write. Follow the formatting instructions issued by your teacher. Ensure that you edit and proofread the work before submitting your final copy.

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