How Do You Create A Strong IB Extended Definition Essay?

An IB extended definition essay is the easiest exercise you will ever engage in if you know the simple tricks. These tricks will take away the nervousness associated with writing and ensure that the quality of your work is maintained. What are the simple steps for writing an excellent IB extended paper?

Choose the Right Topic

A good topic will make the writing process easy and enjoyable. If the topic is interesting to you, you will enjoy researching and be creative during the writing process. This will result in improvement on the quality of your work. An interesting topic ignites creativity and insight. A boring topic depletes your motivation causing you to casually work towards completion and easily overlook quality.

When choosing a topic, consider the things you like or are passionate about. You should also identify areas that require the attention of academic researchers. These are areas of public interest and that will create social impact. Pick a topic within the scope of your course and one whose content will fit within the required number of words or pages. It allows you to exhaust all ideas and adequately cover the subject.

Begin Your Research Work

A good paper is one that contains facts and strong arguments to support your thesis statement. This can only be achieved through extensive reading. Go to the library or request you teacher to give you resource materials on the topic you have chosen. Take note of what other scholars say about the subject and find points that support your claim. This will strengthen your arguments and make your work more compelling.

Create an Outline

An outline gives you a clue of your main points and their subsidiaries. It also indicates the order in which these points will appear on your IB extended definition essay. It is from the outline that you will identify the strongest points and place them at the top as well as the weakest ones that can be removed. An outline provides the frame or structure that will be used to construct your essay. The outline also includes the resources you will use in gathering the information you need.

Compile Your Paper

Having gathered all the information you require to write you paper, it is time to get the work done. Construct the introduction in a manner that makes every reader curious. Ensure that your body contains the strongest arguments and let the conclusion bind all your points into a single statement. Edit and proofread before submitting the final copy.

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