How To Write An Essay Based On A Newspaper Article

Students are often assigned to write a response to a newspaper article or to provide an analytical review of it. This is a common type of writing that calls for analytical and argumentation skills. Here are some tips on how to organize your writing process and create an excellent article analysis essay.

  1. Read and take notes.
  2. The first thing to do is to read the proposed article. While reading, pay attention to the key points and techniques the writer uses and try to grasp the main idea. When you come across an interesting thought, highlight it or write it down to use later as a quotation in your essay.

  3. Analyze.
  4. Determine the type of article you’re dealing with and the newspaper where it was taken from. It’s also important to know the author’s background, why he or she may be interested in the topic, and what audience the paper is aimed at.

  5. Find additional information.
  6. You may want to read up on the topic elaborated in the article to get a clearer idea of it. You’ll need to support your arguments, so studying other sources will help you enrich your background knowledge on that issue.

  7. Take a stand.
  8. Read the article again, then look through your notes and decide which points you approve of and which ones you’d argue. Take your position on the discussed problem and stick to it throughout your essay.

  9. Get ready to write.
  10. Before writing your response to the article, create a plan or outline. First of all, develop a thesis statement. This is a sentence that introduces your claim and shows what you’ll write about. Then think about three main points that you’ll discuss and for which you’ll provide supporting details. Each point should be presented in a separate body paragraph. You should also support each main point with a quotation from the article or other sources you used. Don’t forget to cite properly. This site can help you to write any essay.

  11. Get down to writing.
  12. You should introduce your article first. Include the information about its type, author, newspaper, and date. After that, link it to the broader context and determine the controversial character of the topic. Describe the author’s techniques of persuasive writing, the general tone of the article, and the target audience for whom it’s written. Your body paragraphs should be informative and logically connected. Summarize your analysis in a concluding paragraph, express your opinion on the usefulness and effectiveness of the article, and write how helpful it may be for the particular audience.

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