Where to find a compare and contrast rhetorical analysis essay example

Writing compare and contrast rhetorical analysis essays is one of the finest methods of writing such write-ups. In this method we usually point out the differences or similarities between two topics. For writing this type of write-ups, you need to obtain a clear idea about topic you are going to write. Also there should be enough points to describe about its similarities and differences.

Find the best topic for quality writings

The main aspect you need to check in this writings is quality topic. The topic depends upon the purpose of your writing. If your writing is based on science, then select two topics related to that field. For getting relevant topics you can seek professional writing help of internet, libraries, journals, or other sources like lectures, friends etc. Both the topics must be related to each other. Then only good points can be derived that shows its similarities and differences.

Here are some tips while writing such essays:

  • Students can easily find lots of examples from various sources in their school or college. It includes libraries, from teachers or from senior students. It is one of the best methods to obtain a clear idea about such writings. After going through two or three of them, things will be easier.
  • If you are dealing with difficult topics, then internet would be the best source. It is because most of the points you need, to prepare the work will be there in it. But do not blindly take points from one or two source alone. Just take the basic idea from various sources and write on your own.
  • In this type of writings give equal weight age to both topics, never glorify a single topic too much. Just bring out all the points and compare.
  • Generally these writings are done on two methods, discussing each point and explaining it and comparing both the topics point wise. Depending upon your convenience you can select either of them.
  • Always keep quality in writings. Do not copy the content from any source. A good quality work will be unique and it will clearly discuss about the topic.
  • The language used in the work should be understandable by all. Do not use complex language. Your writing should be convincible for the readers.
  • If you are referring any books or journals for writing, try to mention about it.

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