Top 10 Interesting Essay Topics To Trigger Your Passion For Writing

Writing is an art and it needs passion to master it properly. Writing an essay is not much difficult and can be considered the first steps towards becoming a good writer. You will have to write on diverse topics but it is best you write about subjects you are interested in. the topic should be carefully chosen so that you are able to do justice to it. Here are a few topics that you can work on and they are interesting enough to trigger your passion for the art of writing. Make sure you have done some research on the topic before you begin.

Importance of selecting the right title for your paper

The topic you decide to write on has to be interesting. You should not use a title that has already being used by too many students before you. You can develop your own idea after going through the list or decide to write on any one of them. You can even pick a topic and then change the angel in which you explore it. The success of your paper depends on how much you can pique the reader’s interest through the title. An interesting title will draw the attention of the reader and make your paper stand out from the rest.

A passion for writing

The right title will make your fingers itch to write on them. These will be equally intriguing as well as informative. In search of the unique you should not pick topics too obscure. Then you will never find enough information to end it. The best bet is picking a topic that is dynamic.

List of interesting titles for your essay:

  1. Do you agree with the practice of awarding capital punishment?

  2. How important is fashion to teenagers?

  3. What do you think was the biggest flaw in the character of Brutus from the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare

  4. Feminism has only increased the society’s expectation from women.

  5. Your thoughts on nuclear warfare.

  6. Many animals are cruelly treated during scientific experiments. Should these practices be stopped?

  7. Describe one place you have visited and fell in love with.

  8. One of your favorite characters from a successful TV series.

  9. Children are becoming more and more dependent on technology. How is this harming their intellectual and physical growth process?

  10. What factors do you think make up for a good book?

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