The Basic Do's And Don'ts Of Writing A Synthesis Essay

Creating a synthesis essay is one of the most important tasks in the academic circuit. Synthesis essays are used to gauge at the level of understanding of the writer. It basically casts look at the measure of critical understanding you have developed about the course taught to you. But as we already know, creating a synthesis essay is not as easy as it sounds. There are other considerations that you need to make as well.

It is best to first understand what you should do and you should not while creating a synthesis essay. While there is a lack of a definitive set of directives on constructing a synthesis essay, there are some real time tips and tricks that you can make use of. Here is a list of dos and don’ts that you may follow.


  • Start with an abstract that opens up the debate or information background about the project.

  • Make a list of topics that you will discuss in essay or topics for which additional research needs to be done.

  • Make sure the research you conduct is done back and forth. Light has to be thrown on every aspect of the topic.

  • Create as many chapters as it relevant for the project. The number of chapters in the essay generally relates to the number of individual elements being discussed

  • Create a conclusion that both sums up the different chapters and opens up new avenues for further research.


  • Do not create an abstract that is too long for the essay. Keep the abstract short and crisp.

  • Do not jump into writing the essay before analyzing each different element of the paper. Most poorly written essays usually falter here.

  • Do not create chapters that last for one or two paragraphs only. If necessary create fewer chapters that deal with more sensitive material.

  • Do not copy the conclusion from some other researcher’s work. While you may refer to other research works for information and routing, the conclusion must be unique in itself.

Professional help

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